Beam Position Measurement Section (BP)


The BI Beam Position Measurement Section designs and maintains systems measuring the transverse position of the various particle beams used at CERN. The section is responsible for around 2000 Beam Position Monitors (BPM) installed across the accelerator complex. A typical BPM system is a chain of an in-vacuum electromagnetic sensor, front-end analogue RF circuit, high-speed digitizer, FPGA and back-end software.

The core competencies of the section’s scientific and technical personnel cover a wide area of expertise, including:

  • electromagnetic design and simulations,
  • analogue RF circuits,
  • complex high-speed digital and mixed RF systems,
  • low-noise precision electronics,
  • RF measurement techniques,
  • modern software and firmware development,
  • radiation-tolerant designs,
  • accelerator physics,
  • materials science and mechanical design.
Some information regarding BPM system design can be found in the following references:
The SY-BI-BP section is actively involved in large CERN-wide projects and initiatives:
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