Profile Measurement Section (PM)


Inside the department the BI group is responsible for the all the diagnostics necessary to monitor and optimize the beam parameters.

Within the BI Group, the PM section designs, builds and maintains various classes of instruments devoted to the observation and characterization of the transverse distribution of particle beams.

Our systems are installed in the whole accelerator complex, from the LINACs to the LHC, passing through the ISOLDE facilities and the EAST/NORTH areas primary lines. For the LHC the PM section is also active in the development of devices for monitoring particles longitudinal distribution and collision rates.

In addition, we are constantly involved in the design and exploitation of beam diagnostics for CERN projects as AWAKE and international collaborations like the R&D for future linear colliders. 

For any class of monitor we are responsible for, we carry through all the steps of a system's life, from conception to exploitation passing through all the necessary design and test phases.

In most cases the physics and the electronics aspects are directly managed by the section's staff, fellows and studendts, whereas for mechanics and software we can count on the great support from the BI-ML and BI-SW sections.

You can discover more about the PM section systems and projects starting from the table below.


Main areas of expertise
of the PM section


Transverse beam diagnostics development and implementation


  • Interaction of particles with matter
  • Synchrotron radiation sources and propagation
  • Optics

Data analysis

Analogue and digital electronics developments

-PCB design

-FW development


Motor control,  Design of electro-mechanical systems

Design and implementation of modular systems, crates, racks, test benches

PM section Systems


Secondary emission Monitors (SEM)

Beam Imaging System (BTV)

Beam Wire Scanners (BWS)

Synchrotron Radiation Monitors (BSR)

LHC Luminosity Monitors (BRAN)

Isolde and HIE Isolde Instrumentation

PM section Projects


LINAC4 Laser Emittance Meter

LHC coronagraph for Beam Halo Measurement

LHC BSRI – Synchrotron radiation interferometer

Studies on Beam Induced Fluorescence in the LHC

Beam imaging with radiation tolerant fiber bundles

Diffraction Cherenkov Radiation for beam diagnostic

Beam size diagnostics using brownian nanoparticles