Software Section (SW)

The BI Software Section provides software necessary to develop, test, diagnose and maintain the different instruments produced by the BI Group.
This includes the following responsibilities:
  • Develop Real Time Front End Software for our instruments including the remote control communication interface.
  • Develop Expert Graphical User Interfaces [GUI] for our instruments
  • Develop tools to allow our HW specialists to build their own test programs.
  • Take active part in the commissioning and performance assessment of instruments
This does not include the following responsibilities:
  • The Operational GUIs for our instruments are usually under BE/CO or BE/OP responsibility. They are most of the time a subset of the Expert ones and therefore some of them sometimes fall under our responsibility. For some specific cases involving other Groups (Orbit Correction, Feedback...), the developments are done in collaboration..
The BI Group (and us in consequence) is in charge of the Beam Instrumentation of all CERN machines and projects: