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Please find here the information provided in the Admin e-guide (If needed, insert "Duty Travel" in the search field)

How to fill in an EDH travel request and reserve means of transport/hotel ? PowerPoint presentation here


  • Duty travel definition: authorised travel, outside the permitted driving area, undertaken at the request of the Organization or, in respect of associated members of personnel, travel authorised by their respective home institution and coordinated by the Organization.
  • AC 33 applies to ALL members of personnel who undertake duty travel, irrespective of the origin of the funds used for the travel.
  • Duty travel must be authorised prior to departure → No Travel Request = No booking and no reimbursement



Note that tickets bought by the traveler itself are not refundable !

  • Main transport (plane, train, rental car)

         -  tickets are ordered by the traveler via the Egencia tool available from the EDH travel request

         -  one piece of hold luggage included/refunded

         -  NO reimbursement of supplementary expenses for seat reservations, fast track services, priority boarding or upgrades.

Transport between CERN and Geneva airport/train station and between the arrival airport/train station and the final destination (hotel, conference venue, meeting place etc.) → reimbursed at actual cost, provided each individual item claimed exceeds 20 CHFPublic transport must be used whenever possible.

  • Local transport at final destination (between hotel and conference/meeting location) → covered by daily travel allowance. Can no longer be claimed separately.



2024 CERN DTA amounts per destination

2024 ONU DTA (destinations not mentioned in the CERN DTA document)

  • Subsistence indemnity → renamed Daily Travel Allowance (DTA)
  • DTA is paid from the time of departure of the plane/train to the time of arrival, including for intercontinental travel (with deduction of meals offered and nights spent in transport).
  • DTA is paid when the duty travel destination is located outside a 50km radius of CERN and if the duration of travel is at least 6 hours.
  • Accommodation expenses are refund based on the real costs. The checkout hotel invoice must be attached to the travel request if the accommodation has not been reserved via the Egencia tool. 
  • If all duty travel expenses (transport, accommodation & meals) are paid on behalf of the traveler, no DTA shall be paid (e.g. events organized by CERN, schools, training,…)
  • Advance refund → no longer possible.

Miscellaneous expenses covered by DTA:

  • Local transport, incl. taxis, when at final destination
  • Parking, incl. at point of departure
  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Telephone calls and communication for work purposes
  • Occasional drinks and snacks



The following other expenses can be reimbursed at actual cost, provided each individual items claimed exceeds 20 CHF:

  • Visas, immigrations formalities, mandatory vaccinations
  • Registration fees for events (conferences, workshops, exhibitions…)
  • Rental car fuel and motorway tolls
  • Excess luggage charges
  • Laundry if staying more than 1 week
  • Breakfast if not included in accommodation (total of hotel + breakfast should not exceed 60% of DTA)



  • Local duty travel = travel within a 50-km radius of CERN or of a total duration of less than 6 hours.
  • Transport and other necessary expenses are paid when the cumulative amount exceeds 10 CHF
  • No DTA paid
  • No TREQ necessary if no expense


Participation to a conference - workshop

Once your participation to a conference/workshop is approved by the group leader, you can start the duty travel process and, in parallel:

1.   Register to the event respecting early registration deadline. Please, remember that CERN pays the fee only by bank transfer.
2.   Send by email to your group secretary: the confirmation of your registration + the event web link + any further relevant information (bank details if know)
3.   Book your hotel room after checking and respecting the daily subsistence amount CERN will pay you. 

Attending an External training

Prior to the below process and once your participation has been approved by the group leader, please fill in an EDH Training Request using the SY training budget code 60011.