Non-occupational accident declaration

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Professional accident and medical certificate

If the safety incident occurred during your professional activity or commuting and you suffered bodily injuries, you must submit a Déclaration d'accident professionnel / Declaration of occupational accident (HS50) in EDH within 10 days and attach a medical certificate detailing injuries.

Each medical certificate must state that the leave is due to an occupational accident and state the date. This information can only be provided by the doctor. 

N.B. This mention will be necessary for any new certificate issued in connection with this accident.

You must then send this medical certificate to your group secretary, who will submit it in EDH under the category "Occupational accident". The reference number of the corresponding HS50 document must be indicated in the "Comments" field of each request for absence due to an occupational accident.

N.B. Failing doctor's annotation, the absence should be recorded under the category "Illness/Accident".

Thereafter, the qualification process is as follows, depending on your status:

You are an employed member of the personnel (staff or fellow) The HR Legal service then takes care of the qualification.
You are an associated member of the personnel (more details) The Organisation is not the employer and therefore cannot qualify the accident. However, the HR Legal service sends the declaration to the home institution together with a recommendation on the qualification.
You are a contractor's personnel To be confirmed