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Thursday, April 21, 2022 - 16:48


CERN Document Server - CDS - is the CERN e-library where official documents are archived. All conference papers/contributions should be published in CDS after each event, as well as  Thesis, Internal/Departmental Notes & MD Notes.

Your group secretary is in charge of submitting such contributions (except thesis)

Departmental notes

Documents to be included in this category:

  • The CERN Notes collection is intended for documents which have not been sent for publication, and are therefore of a more internal nature. They need not to be peer reviewed, but should be of some lasting value as a reference for other members of the departments or the wider CERN community.
Approbation: Group leader

Please find here the CERN Word template of the ACC-Note that you are required to use for any internal/departmental note writting: ACC_Note_template.dotx 

Once your document is ready, please send a Word and a PDF versions to your group secretary so that she can ask for the approval and make the submission to CDS.

CERN Preprints

Description: Documents which are part of a CERN departmental report series. All papers presented during an International Conference. All such documents have already been refereed for quality, correctness, originality and relevance. 

Approbation: Group leader, Department leader

Please find here the CERN Word template  CERN SY-Preprints.dotx

CERN Thesis

Thesis should be submitted to CDS by the students.